Vaughan Painting’s 30 years of experience in custom interior painting will deliver quality service on any upcoming project.

Interior design service

Vaughan Painting offers full interior decorating and design services to help you achieve a look that reflects your own style and personality.

Each of the spaces in your home where you spend time can make a significant difference in your joy, happiness and overall mood. It is the place where everything should come together; it should reflect your sensibilities, tastes and preferences while at the same time conveying originality and uniqueness.

Before you begin a painting project in your home, consider getting the advice of a professional interior decorator.

Preparation and quality painting

The absolute key to any paint job is in the preparation. Extra time spent in preparation will pay dividends in the long run, giving you that quality finish look you are looking for. Vaughan Painting understands that is this most important stage of the job. From wood filling, caulking, sanding, tac ragging and fine spray finishes Vaughan Painting seeks to deliver an exceptional final product.

Customer Service

The primary complaint we hear about trades in general is the lack of clear communication. At Vaughan Painting we believe that without exceptional customer service nothing else really matters. Our number one goal is to communicate clearly with our clients. Communication combined with our product knowledge and attention to detail sets us apart from the average painting company. Listening, Communicating and Execution is fundamental to our company.